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Suzuki Africa Sky High

A Journey Across Africa in our Suzuki Jimny “Badger,” to Climb the continent’s Five Highest Mountains and Explore our Beautiful Land!

Welcome to Suzuki Africa Sky High!

Eight months in a Suzuki Jimny named Badger, Ten African countries, Africa’s five highest mountains and a Misson to Change the World’s Opinions! Find out More below the LIVE expedition map and on our Social Media!

Trip @ a Glance:

Est. Departure : April 29, 2017
Approx Distance: 25,000km
Approx Duration: 8 Months
Approx Countries: 10
Mountains: Africa’s 5 Highest
Route:  Below, Click to View!

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To people who live outside its borders Africa is often seen as the “Dark Continent.” A primal land which beats to ancient rhythms and generally invokes some trepidation and even a sense of fear. However, to many people including both members of Team Tane, Africa is home. It is a breadbasket of life, the cradle of human kind and ancestral land of each and every one of us.

Africa Sky High (ASH) is an expedition created by Team Tane to try and showcase the real Africa; vibrant, alive and incredible. We aim to do this by completing a journey which will stretch over half the length of the continent and incorporate travelling to and ‘attempting’ to climb Africa’s five highest mountains; “The BIG High Five;”   We plan to travel from our homeland of South Africa to Kenya, the land of the Masai, and back through ten African countries. Our mode of transport will be our small and ferocious Suzuki Jimny aptly named “(Honey) Badger.”

Apart from the obvious draw of a REAL African adventure the intention behind Africa Sky high is to display the Africa we know and love: the amazing diversity of life and landscapes, the incredible generosity of its inhabitants. Through these accounts we hope to draw attention to uniquely African environmental and cultural marvels. We want to show you the beautiful reality of Africa that is often overshadowed by the fear that arises from localised conflict and stereotypes to encourage the world drop misconceptions and visit to experience our land.

Through the stories, pictures and videos we share here and on our social media we will do our best to immerse you, our followers, in our journey. Keep a look out here and our social media for the updates.

Route Map…

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Where are Team Tane? Suzuki Africa Sky High LIVE below!!

Follow Team Tane on the LIVE Map below! For LIVE stories check out the Blogs page:


‘The BIG High Five’

Who are ‘The BIG High Five,’ and why ‘attempt,’ to climb them? The list below shows basic information on the BIG five highest mountains in Africa in order of height, mountains with ticks have been climbed. Click on the headings to be redirected for more information. We use the word ‘attempt,’ because we know the fickle nature of mountains; as the old adage goes “one does not conquer mountains, they merely let you stand on them for a time.”

1) Mt Kilimanjaro-Tanzania (5,895m)

The King of the African Skies

2) Mt Kenya-Kenya (5,199m)

Africa’s Mountaineering Dream

4) Mt Speke-Uganda/Congo (4,890m)

The Second Side of the Rwenzori Triangle

5) Mt Baker-Uganda (4,844m)

Third Highest in the Moonscape

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“When fun and adventure spring to mind ‘Team Tane,’ are at the top of my list. We first met during the 2012 X Berg Challenge, a gruelling adventure race down the length of the Drakensberg, since then we have become firm friends. After their successful adventure ‘Mission to GOLDen heights,’ I can’t wait to follow their next adventure!”

Pierre Carter

SA Adventurer, 7 Summits 7 Flights