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Mission to a GOLDen Height

More than just a mountaineering adventure; a mission to make the world a better place.

“Team Tane’s love of nature and generosity are inspiring, working with them was a perfect fit. GOLD’s motto is that ‘the message giver is the strongest message’ – It’s not what you say but what you DO. GOLD thanks them for their belief in the GOLD dream and for living their passion through real actions – Team Tane are true GOLD champions!”

Nathalie Tedder

Business Development Manager, GOLD

Mission to a GOLDen Height was more than just a mountaineering adventure. It was about uplifting underprivileged youth in Southern Africa through a personal journey to realise a long standing dream: to summit Africa’s second highest mountain, Mt Kenya (5,199m) which is only reachable through a grueling 700m rock climb.

The mission intended to assist Generation of Leaders Discovered (GOLD), a local South African charity which develops leadership skills in underprivileged kids. It did this by introducing and promoting GOLD and its vision to a wider audience through supporters of the expedition, presentations and social media and through raising fund for the organisation. The Mission team also wanted to assist GOLD with the implementation of an additional focus on the environment and sustainability to help protect the incredible places they love like Mt Kenya.

Ultimately though the team did not summit Mt Batian due to being kicked off in a snowstorm, they managed to raise over R30,000 for GOLD and summited Point Lenana, the third highest peak on Mt Kenya. There is little doubt that at some stage in the future they will be back to finish the job they started.

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“Our privileged lives have provided us opportunities not available to many South Africans. Mission to a GOLDen Height is our way of trying to extend these opportunities to others by helping GOLD with the great things they are doing. Youth are the future; we want to help them make it a brighter place.”

Shane Quinnell