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Welcome to the BIG League!

Past and Present Team Tane Expeditions and Major Trips

To Team Tane alike to many other people the word “expedition,” invokes visions of wild steamy jungles, majestic snowy capped mountains and the mysteries of ancient civilisations. It refers to trips longer than those achievable in the life of an average weekend warrior which move us closer to the domain of our ancestry and away from the “developed world.” Journeys which are BIGGER and BADDER than your average run of the mill walk in the park.

While we love the weekend adventures we embark on, it is Expeditions that we live for. They provide us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the wide world and to learn. As we realise it is an extreme privilege to be able to travel and go on these trips we always try our best to give back through supporting charities or promoting awareness of environmental and cultural issues we find along the way.

Click on the links or headings within the images below to view details of past and present Team Tane Expeditions.

NEW: Africa Sky High – The BIG High Five!!

Suzuki Africa Sky High!

A Journey Across Africa in our Suzuki Jimny “Badger,” to Climb the continent’s Five Highest Mountains and Explore our Beautiful Land!

Africa Sky High is an expedition where Team Tane aim to journey across Africa in their bite sized Suzuki Jimny called “Badger,” to climb the continent’s five highest mountains and explore the beautiful land. Aside from having an adventure, Team Tane aim to showcase Africa as it truly is; vibrant, alive and incredible to encourage others to drop misconceptions about the continent and explore the last frontier. Link to Africa Sky High

Mission to a GOLDen Height

Mission to a GOLDen Height

More than just a Mountaineering Adventure.

More than a mountaineering adventure; this expedition was a Mission to make the World a Better Place. By teaming forces with local South African (SA) charity Generation of Leaders Discovered (GOLD) Team Tane (and friends) aimed to simultaneously help educate youth leaders in SA and climb Africa’s second highest mountain; Mt Kenya. Link to Golden Heights

To Venture or not to Venture

“To venture causes anxiety, but not to venture is to lose one’s self….

And to venture in the highest is precisely to be conscious of one’s self.”

– Soren Kierkgaard

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”

– Oprah Winfrey

“It has been such an honor to have met and worked with Team Tane, especially through Mission to GOLDen Height. This dynamic duo know how to dream big and make it happen! We are waiting in anticipation to see what is next for Team Tane.”

Deidre Pieters

Marketing Manager, Black Diamond SA


Stories from the heart about our experiences on the road… wherever that may be.

Suzuki Africa Sky High Expedition!

Eight Months, Ten African Countries, a Suzuki Jimny and Africa’s 5 Highest Mountains!


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