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… Dont ask what’s the worst that could happen, ask what’s the best? The opportunities are endless!

First of all thanks for visiting our site, it was great to have you! We hope that in one way or another our photos and stories have helped inspire you to get out and experience the world in a deeper and more meaningful way.

We hope that our site has invoked emotions about the world, its cultures, environment and the adventures that can be had in relation to these! More than this that these emotions will lead to actions on your part and if not at least to questions. If you do have questions about absolutely anything you think we can help with, from how to take the first step toward living the dream to the kinds of equipment to take or if you want to join us on an adventure, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It is our sincere desire to try and help others to find their dreams and live a more meaningful existence in whatever capacity that may be… we welcome your contact.

To contact us please fill out your details below and write us a message, don’t forget to do the maths to prove you are not a robot or if you are at least that you are an intelligent one.

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