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Stories of the Road from the Heart

Short stories and heartfelt perspectives from experiences while on adventures, in nature and in the cultures of others.

Our blog is our way of talking to you and the world. Here we share our thoughts, anecdotes and ideas about our adventures, experiences and projects. Find the newest blogs on the slider and older blogs in the tiles below.

Team Tane

Overland Adventure Packing

Like anything else, overland packing comes in all shapes and sizes. This blog intends to help you decide what to take and where to fit it on your own Overland adventure. In addition, it tells you how to get our FREE overland packing list! You don’t need to pack like this to fit!

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Helping Hands

Life isn’t always easy and sometimes it takes more than ourselves to get us out the brown stuff. In these situations, it is the hands that jump in to help which make all the difference.

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The Nature of Africa

Forget what you think you know about Africa. Forget the dramas modern media has created about our continent. Scratch a little deeper and you will find a whole new world awaits in the “Real Africa.”

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Twelve Black-Magic African Border Tips

Its true, crossing African land borders is a pain. BUT alike all things, if handled in the right manner, the rough experience can be smoothed out significantly. In this, our most useful overland tip blog yet, we provide insights on how to cross Africa the easy way.

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Climbing the King of Africa; Kilimanjaro

We went to meet the King of Africa; Kilimanjaro, the last man standing in our bid to summit all of Africa’s five highest mountains. What we found was not simply the top of a mountain, instead, we found ourselves. Don’t miss this epic story of self-discovery.

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White Nile Water

We all know the Nile by name but very few of us know it by character. In this story we get to know the raging torrent of tonnes of water which pushes its way from Uganda all the way to Egypt as we battle its white water. Read about our EPIC and heart pounding day out.

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On the Move – The Unwritten Rules of the African Road

Its chaotic and frequently nerve-wracking but it works. Driving in Africa is unlike driving in the rest of the world, working off an unwritten set of Africanised “Rules.” This article is a colloquial attempt to characterise the craziness to help you get through it unscathed.

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The Mighty Rwenzoris

There are adventures and there are ADVENTURES. This is the story of our epic ten-day mission to climb three of Africa’s five highest summits in the Jurassic National Park that is the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda.

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Light is Fast!

Minimalism. It’s a simple concept but one that is usually associated with hippies. This blog discusses how we have used this concept to successfully fit our lives into a Suzuki Jimny and its application in life and travel. It offers tips for how to think light to shed your worries.

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Big City Life

As with many things, Big City life in Kigali is not what it first appears. From overwhelming to inviting, our time spent with our gracious host Fabrice in his home, culture and city has taught us much.

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Love Don’t Need

Inspired by a question from our friend and follower, Victor Rundle, this story takes a look at something many people have asked about our expedition Suzuki Africa Sky High. “What did you take which you love, which you don’t need and what did you forget which you need.”

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Gliding on Water

In a once in a lifetime opportunity, Team Tane heads out to pole the Okavango Delta. Gliding the water in small fibreglass “macoras,” they meet many incredible animals including Tarryn’s favourite and Africa’s deadliest animal; the hippo. You won’t be able to keep it off your bucket list.

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Dawn – Part 2

Dawn Part 2 is the second part in the story of the trial by fire we embarked on when we set off on our African Odessy; Suzuki Africa Sky High. It covers our unexpected visit to the waterlogged and daunting Makgadikgadi pans and the adventure that ensued. Don’t miss the action.

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Dawn – Part 1

Share the Dream!Tweet about it... Words and Photos by Shane Quinnell, Team Tane Dawn is an incredible time of day. It heralds the start of a new day, new possibilities. It lights up the land and brings the beautiful colours of opportunity. For... read more


Teething is something each and every single one of us go through, not just when we grow teeth but each time we grow. Both of us have had to grow dramatically and learn a LOT to make our dream, Suzuki Africa Sky High, a reality. This is the story of our teething experience.

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The Roof of Oz

Share the Dream!Tweet about it... Words and Photos by Shane Quinnell When people think of the Seven Summits they generally think of mighty snow-capped peaks which tower above the continent around them. Mountains of magnitude and legend like Everest... read more

The Dusty Classroom

We could drive but for Africa Sky High we need to be able to DRIVE! This dust chomping, wheel spinning article is the start of the training to make sure we can make it through Afreaka and back again…

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4×4 Concentrate

No one likes getting roasted but sometimes getting cooked in a trial by fire or bumped in the school of hard knocks is the best way to learn. This is a tale of two amateurs learning to 4×4 during an adventure filled weekend at Berakah with the Suzuki Auto Club and their 4×4 concentrates.

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