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About Tane and How it Became...

Hear the story of the Team and meet Tarryn and Shane.

In essence Team Tane, derived from the names of its founders Tarryn and Shane, is about living the dream. It is about living a life less ordinary; a life with substance that encourages others to get out to explore and embrace the wide and wonderful world around them. The idea is that through sharing accounts of adventures, expeditions and experiences in nature and in the cultures of others, the stories and pictures can help inspire others to live in a richer and more understanding way. It is about two fairly ordinary people who decide each day to live a little differently; to live their dreams.

The Team Tane story began years ago with young Shane and Tarryn flaunting their finest diapers half way up the best climbing tree in Zululand, South Africa. They met thanks to their parents who were friends before they were born. Though parted for many years after Shane’s family moved to New Zealand, the adventurous streak in both members got them back together years later in South Africa. Tarryn tempted Shane back with little more than an invitation and within three months Shane was back in his homeland with little nothing other than adventure gear (including a paraglider and climbing equipment) and a backpack of clothes. Somehow things worked out like a real life version of the Notebook and they now live the dream together. Forever.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

Hunter S. Thompson

Meet Team Tane!

Shane Quinnell

Shane Quinnell

Co-Founder: Writer, Photographer, Engineer, Adventurer

Having grown up for an almost equal time in three countries (South Africa, New Zealand and Australia) and having lived in and travelled many others, Shane is a self-professed country mongrel with a unique accent that often changes mid-sentence. Interested and excited about nearly everything, he has found his way numerous communities and activities. Since university where he found climbing he has become somewhat of an adventure nut and been involved in everything from climbing and diving to paragliding and much more. Professionally an engineer and project manager in the renewables industry, Shane flits between the worlds of structure and exploration on a daily basis. Despite a paragliding incident in early 2015 which nearly cost him his life and left him with two obliterated ankles, an exploded vertebrae and lots of internal metal, Shane still enjoys life closer to the edge than most. Albeit slightly slower and with a with a deep respect for the gift we are given each morning we wake up.

Tarryn Quinnell

Tarryn Quinnell

Co-Founder: Videographer, Editor, Social Media Co-Ordinator & Adventurer

Probably one of the most efficient people you will ever meet; Tarryn squeezes actions into time like a magician fits possessions into a magical hat.  At heart a truly African farm girl she is at her happiest while wandering bare foot in nature or spending time with her horse and other lover ‘Bliss.’  Up for anything and everything Tarryn tends to do first and think later. This personality trait makes her even better at getting things done and also tends to lead her out of her comfort zone on a regular basis. She is an excellent sports woman who has represented South Africa in international Polo Cross and been a high level gymnast. Tarryn has absolute faith that “we can achieve anything if we truly believe we are capable,” and lives her life by this motto.

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