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Team Tane

Sharing the Dream!


Through Team Tane we, Tarryn and Shane, aim to motivate you to find and live your dream! Our site and other media site follows our attempt to live and share our dream, with you and each other. Our aim is to use our experiences, photos and stories to inspire you to see the world with fresh wonder-filled eyes and to venture somewhere new, even if it is just down the road. Please get involved in our site and get amped to live a life less ordinary. “Beauty and adventure exist everywhere, you just have to find them,” Team Tane.

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About Tane

Find out about Team Tane, what it is and how it became…


Check out past and present Team Tane expeditions to exotic lands and out there places.


Read articles about adventures which have been published outside of the Team Tane domain.


Stories from the heart about our experiences on the road… wherever that may be.

Team Tane’s Social Media Is Changing!

Its two years since we climbed Africa’s five highest mountains, living our dream in the process. Its been a busy time with the birth of our amazing Daughter Nyika, moving to Australia and trying to get used to life in the ‘real’ world. In the continuation of our dream to inspire others we have been working on a concept called Glide to Soar. Built from Shane’s experience from rock bottom after nearly dying in a paragliding accident to standing on top of Africa’s five highest mountains it focuses on the fact that the only way to reach true success, what we call soaring, is to accept life’s unavoidable challenges and glide. We are using this methodology to help others reach and live their dreams. We will be changing our media to Glide to Soar to reflect our new purpose in life. We can’t wait to soar with you! New handles will be @GlidetoSoar

Cant wait to Soar with you… Shane and Tarryn Quinnell, Team Tane

Overland Adventure Packing

Like anything else, overland packing comes in all shapes and sizes. This blog intends to help you decide what to take and where to fit it on your own Overland adventure. In addition, it tells you how to get our FREE overland packing list! You don’t need to pack like this to fit!

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Helping Hands

Life isn’t always easy and sometimes it takes more than ourselves to get us out the brown stuff. In these situations, it is the hands that jump in to help which make all the difference.

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The Nature of Africa

Forget what you think you know about Africa. Forget the dramas modern media has created about our continent. Scratch a little deeper and you will find a whole new world awaits in the “Real Africa.”

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Twelve Black-Magic African Border Tips

Its true, crossing African land borders is a pain. BUT alike all things, if handled in the right manner, the rough experience can be smoothed out significantly. In this, our most useful overland tip blog yet, we provide insights on how to cross Africa the easy way.

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Climbing the King of Africa; Kilimanjaro

We went to meet the King of Africa; Kilimanjaro, the last man standing in our bid to summit all of Africa’s five highest mountains. What we found was not simply the top of a mountain, instead, we found ourselves. Don’t miss this epic story of self-discovery.

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Suzuki Africa Sky High EXPEDITION LIVE Map Below

Eight months and 25,000km  living in the worlds smallest 4x4, a Suzuki Jimny named Badger, Ten African countries, Africa’s five highest mountains and the adventure of a lifetime. Make sure you check out the expedition page below!

Suzuki Africa Sky High Expedition Page

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“Do not what the world needs but what makes you feel alive. Because what the world really needs is more alive people.”

John Thurman